Music Photography

When it comes to album covers or publicity Photography, look no further than ZoomOnMe studios.

We have over three decades of flawless reputation helping singers, dancers,performers, musicians, recording artists, record labels, music producers and music studios with unprecedented photography, vision and marketing tools that all artists need in order to succeed in their career in this unforgiving and competitive world of Music industry

After all what good is an album without a great album cover you worked hard creating the content and your music, allow us to create what is needed in order to sell and market your talent, looks, and branded image

Here at ZoomOnMe studios we create iconic images that will last for decades if not for centuries and when you think of it, it is a small price to pay for becoming immortal and to be remembered forever as one of the greatest.

Study shows that most people are drawn to greatness and recognize quality verses mediocre and cheap when it comes IMAGE, and we all know how important that can be! here at ZoomOnMe, we take pride in producing quality, unparalleled photography and music videos that will make a lifetime impression on you and your fans, with access to some of the best writers, directors, and producers we can create your dream music videos that fit your style and budget without owing your first born to the bank!

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