Editorial Photography

Editorial and Fashion photography always go hand in hand, ?and one way or another most famous editorial photographers in the world are also the most famous fashion photographers in the wold.

Helmut Newton was a great example of that, his simple yet provocative and strong style always captivated the audience with his simple, yet very unique approach to editorial and fashion photography.

Perhaps because editorial photography has always been referenced to those wonderful fashion magazine spreads such as Vogue, Elle, hapres Bazzar, Marie Clair, GQ, etc... But Editorial photography is not only about the fashion or style but also about creating a mood and a story, it is almost like making a silent movie with your images, that will captivate your audience's imagination and let them go wild within their own fantasies.

Editorial photography is an art that most editorial photographers today mistaken that by over styling their models, or simply forgetting the importance of of photography style and not the style of the models used in an editorial shoot. A great editorial photographer is a great story teller that poses a great sense of style, imagination and an eye for those magical moments that we all have seen in the works of manygreat editorial photographers, including Shaun Alexander himself.