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New York Fashion Photography Workshops with Top Fashion Photographer Shaun Alexander



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Los Angeles Fashion Photographer Shaun Alexander Coming to New York to teach?Fashion Photography Workshops.



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New York Fashion Photography Workshops

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Shaun Alexander: A Renaissance Man Behind the Lens

Fashion designers have ideas captivated by fashion campaigns and presented to the public, which are likely to be used again, as they have previously been used over and over in the past. A so-called ?alchemist behind the lens?, Shaun Alexander turns familiar things into state-of-the-art objects, wonderfully beautiful, sexy and intriguing.

Upon reviewing the outcome of any photo shoot by Shaun Alexander, one will see work that can only be described as phenomenal.? He is said to light and direct with professionalism and somewhat effortless manner, as he is the master of lighting and a renowned visual director of photography. Great lighting is the secret. Equipment can?t give you magic as a photographer, but understanding lighting and seeing through your subject can. ?Lighting is everything,? he says. ?We as photographers better understand light before buying thousands of dollars worth of fancy equipment?. Once you master the skill, you can be the next Shaun Alexander or so.

The influences that made a difference in the works of Shaun Alexander Photography in many ways include Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, Matthew Ralston, Patrick Demarchelier, Salvador Dali, Felini, Hitchcock, and David Lean. His talents, however, extends beyond the portraits of sexy and amazingly gorgeous models. His works spell perfection when it comes to capturing candid shots. In still and location photography, he sets out to bring that natural life in motion effect perfectly.

Shaun possesses the skill to enrich ideas by his own understanding , but prefers black and white photography over color so that the viewer may paint the image in his own mind without anyone?s influence of the colors and the environment, letting him or her focus more on the style, photography and the emotions poured out by the photographer. In a moment, Shaun?s photography transforms into a play, seizing and striking the audience?s hearts and minds, like they?re eyes are entrapped in a classic movie, but it is rather a dream that you wish to be true. Magnetic, entrancing, exciting, moving, yet serene, sophisticated and diplomatic. That is the spell that many cannot master, except for the truly gifted ones and now they are celebrated as the world?s best photographers and cinematographers of all time.

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Igor+Andre Equals ?Fashion is Art?

The beauty in Danny Roberts?s fashion sketches have some kind of eerie, strong, subtle showing emotions and a striking vulnerability that fights viewers who can hardly keep their eyes off the works of art. Inspired by the covers of prestigious magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Sports Illustrated that were shot by the biggest photographers, Roberts creates drawings and paintings that imitate images in photos yet gives it a new meaning, a life. These masterpieces also inspire other artists such as writers, designers, even models, to come up with their own works of genius that are as deep and as evocative.

The blog has caught the attention of many and captured hearts that melt at the sight of every Danny Roberts creation. Since its beginning in 2008, many bloggers and net surfers have followed his posts and the comments are always consoling. His art is a bit rare than those of this generation. You don?t usually see fashion photography being depicted in drawings and paintings that look as good as the pictures, and captivate what they are trying to express. But Roberts somehow fantasizes the images, making the models mythical, and their clothes not yet materialized.

Each piece of art belongs to categories that are named after literary genres. The images don?t just tell their own stories. They resemble other tales as well, from a young couple hugging each other like they?ll never see each other again to Karl Lagerfeld sitting in a banquet with supermodels. Yet these two aren?t enough to showcase the artist?s talent because there?s more. You can?t stop at one post and not look forward to seeinganother. Just like a book that you aren?t able to put down, the blog is quite epic. It?s fame has risen to amazing heights, and Roberts?s success is already visible in his eyes.

Danny Roberts, together with his brother David, are also striving to make photo and video content available to add to the drawings and paintings for Igor + Andre. They started the blog in order to share Danny?s works while he was still a student at the Academy of Art taking up fashion design. Encouraged by a teacher to pursue fashion illustration, he focuses almost solely on drawing and painting. For his career, the future is very, very bright.

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